Sunday, October 31, 2010

Right Those Wrongs, Son!

Restitution - big word but simple meaning. Pay your debt. Make it right. Part of the discipline we use in our crazy household. If you download on someone else's phone or computer, pay back that download fee. Mom or Dad help him figure out what he can do for work to earn the money and then give it back. A carefully written letter accompanies that money.

Our son always asks why kids who take things from him or do something mean to him don't have to write a letter to HIM, but this past finally happened. He brought home a full-page letter of apology from a child who hurt him that day. Restitution in reverse!

This process sure looks ideal on paper but what a huge nightmare at the end of an exhausting day when we're trying to push through the home chores & dinner. Parenting isn't easy. In fact, it's horribly draining. My hope is that if I stick with this and hang in there, someday I'm going to be glad I did. Hope so! I think it's about time for bed. I'm going to need my energy...tomorrow!

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