Thursday, October 21, 2010

How Sweet, His First "Prank"

Who laughs at these things? Only every person I've told them to!  I needed to get to work early one morning this week. Early is a huge stretch since "on time" is nearly impossible.  Set the alarm a tad earlier just to be sure. Everything was in order for a great start. That is, until I awoke to a brighter-than-normal bedroom the next morning! Interestingly, the clock cord was unplugged. My fears were confirmed when I saw the kitchen clock - 7:11 am!!  Mystery solved within 2 seconds. "SON?" His quick "I didn't do it," sealed my assumption to which I responded for the millionth time in his life...."WHY did you do this?" He hung his head and said he wanted to see what it was like to pull a prank."  I now had exactly 15 minutes to be showered & ready to go.  This was what he coined his "first prank" which really makes no sense because he's pulled pranks every day since he was 18 months-he just didn't have a WORD for it!   I guess I'll laugh now.

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