Sunday, October 17, 2010

FEAR In Public

I have some fairly normal fears:
* Heights
* The dark
But nothing surpasses the fear I've had of venturing out into public with my "wild child." The saying "You can dress 'em up but not take 'em out" applies. For years I've struggled with the tantrums, running off and largest issue of all: his embarrassing public statements. "Mom, look at that man. He's so FAT!" "Why does she smell like that?" and "What's that on his face?" all within hearing distance of the person. Good son has learned to not say these things.  All's not yet perfect. He has no problem  arguing to the bitter end in front of cashiers & interrupting when someone we meet stops to chat. He's a smart kid. Waiting til I'm reading labels on packages, he bolts to another section of the store. Recently I was paged from Jewelry because he had used his money to buy something and was a few cents short on cash. (Yes, I knew he had run. I was looking for him at the time!)Too old to put in the cart any more and living in an age where leashes are no longer acceptable, I leave him at home while shopping or pay the consequences & the bill at the stores!

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