Sunday, October 17, 2010

Supportive Friends & Family

Need to say no more, but I will! A huge thank you to the family members and special friends who look on with love. They know I have my hands full. They don't have to tell me! They know I am tired. Some days are longer than others.The phone rings and caller reports a misdeed of my boy. I thank them kindly (inwardly aching) and move on. Family & friends engage my son in conversation even when his eyes dart around, searching for something to get into. They listen to me laugh and listen when I cry. This road is hard. I'm the parent of an ADHD boy who is often out of control but I have family and friends who not only don't tell me when I'm making mistakes, they tell me I'm doing a good job. To those who have ever said to me, "Charlotte, you are a good mom." (You know who you are.) THANK YOU! I appreciate the encouragement.

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