Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1st Sprint Triathlon-And Only 12!

No joke! Mr. Energy himself has a triathlon under his belt now. Last weekend he competed with 141 people in his first Sprint Triathlon. (.47 mi swim, 12 1/2 mi bike ride & 5k run). He was the YOUNGEST entrant ever in this triathlon and most everyone present cheered him on. He competed with skill and speed against mostly adults. He and 3 other teens were the only kids under 20 in the competition. As he crossed the finish line he was welcomed in as the youngest competitor and immediately pulled aside for an interview. That was a high day for me. My boy used his energy and spirit to accomplish something big. Some days as we deal with these miniature tornadoes we fail to see success in the future. We are consumed by the intensity of daily life. We are now seeing maturity. Not every minute but every day. We see growth. Bobby's Triathlon was a display of such growth. Go speedy boy. Go!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Progress & Our Preteen

Bobby's doing well. He's still and will likely always be on the fast-train to everything but he is making steady growth in the thinking/processing consequences department. One year ago we were always in the same room as he was. We never left him alone and he was incapable of following thru on anything if we weren't watching. Fast forward to almost 13 years old (in 3 months, 11 days).

Here's an update:
1) Bobby has free reign of our home now and we don't follow him around!
2) Bobby has picked a recipe from a cookbook and made it for the family for dinner!
3) Bobby has climbed out on the roof and written on a 2nd story window!
4) Bobby has learned to tie flies for fly-fishing and has started a little, tiny side business!

Ok, so most everything is looking better. We're still challenged by some behaviors but he's without meds still and though well below grade level in Math and Spelling, everything else is looking good in school and at home! Yeah! Victory!

 That's all for today. Check back to see how this continues. Here's to finding good stuff in all our kids. Even our ADHD ones!