Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lock And Key?

Determination is a "key" attribute in my son! If he needs or wants something, he will get it. Hence, we found ourselves installing a keyed lock on one storage room in our home & purchasing a small safe for such things we value & can't replace easily. Sadly, the "hunter" found the BB gun in the storage room, using that forbidden key. For about 1 hour he had the time of his young life with that BB gun...and the BB gun moved away shortly thereafter. Consequences: BB gun is gone. Then, he found the instructions to the safe. Hmm, really smart parents leave those lying around, huh? And what 10 year old reads the fine print (combination) on instructions? Our boy! So glad we can outwit this kid. Yikes! We're a little rough around the edges but we're learning.


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