Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sneakin' & Lyin'

ADHD doesn't have a corner on lying kids. A real universal issue here and common at one point or another in the life of a child. However, these super-charged & impulsive kids have such a hard time thinking things through that the lying and sneaking around happen almost before they realize what they've done. Then they begin "covering" everything which buries them deeper in the problem. We've seen this catapult into the red-flag zone in recent months and our frustration isn't hidden from our son. We've talked. We've prayed. I've cried. All I want with all my heart is for him to know how much we love and care for him; how much we will do to help him grow in positive ways. We want Bobby to make good choices on his own without any hazardous detours. Tall order but we have hope.

My heart goes through periods of calm but recently I've been overwhelmed by Bobby's sneakiness and lying. He's frustrated with this "in-between" stage called 13. Not a young child and not a young adult. Changes. Hormones. It's crazy around here but there is a whole lot of good stuff going on as well.  My son is smart, witty, handsome, curious and hilarious. He can take things apart--AND put them back together. Everyone loves his smile, especially me. Lots of good stuff here..... We're building up the strengths & trying to break down those weaknesses and one day we'll look back and see it was worth it all.

Bobby has pulled on my heartstrings for 13 years now. In spite of the challenges, I'm in this with determination. Bobby, some day you may read this story of our journey. I never write something I wouldn't want you to see. I write in truth and love. I hope you see that. I love you to the moon and back several times--and that is no lie!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Matching Socks-Why the Fuss?

Bobby spends little of his precious time contemplating details. While recently driving through town I noticed he was wearing one black sock and a white one. "Really?" I quizzed. "How is it that a 13 year old can't pick out 2 socks that match?" Without thinking a second, he replied, "Mom, people won't even see my white sock. They'll be too busy looking at my black one." A child with ADHD generally does not care about details of clothing or details of anything really, for that matter. They are charging through life without a plan or a care in the world. Fitting into the "norm" of society is the furthest thing from their minds and yet we hound them 24/7 to make an effort.

When Bobby was about 3 years old he realized that the outside of his socks was the softest part and he promptly turned the socks inside-out so his skin would be next to that fluffy softness. He is 13 and has to this day never worn a pair of socks right-side-out. I guess socks etiquette really isn't his bag.

This boy marches to the beat of his own drumming band. He's got his own priorities and preferences.  He is impulsive and strong-willed but melts my heart with his mischievous smile & big brown eyes. Love you, Buddy! (To the moon and back!)