Friday, August 17, 2012

ADHD Kids-- We Gotta Find Their Strengths

We are blessed to be surrounded by family and friends. Most of these people truly see Bobby for his strengths. Some of those go a step further and point out the ways those strengths could be used in his future. On a recent kayaking adventure, Bobby found some hooks, bobbers & used fishing line. While on the bank, a close friend watched over him as he began to patiently work his fingers, untangling the many knots to make his new line useable. Because she knows his background with impulsivity & impatience, she was amazed by his skillful dexterity and commented to him about it. Later she shared this story with me, pointing out how she wasn't certain he really heard her observations. When we were making dinner that evening, Bobby sat at the deck talking about his fun-filled afternoon. He was pretty proud of himself as he told me that Claudia thought he was incredibly adept with his fingers and that line. She told him he had skills that could lead him to possibly being a surgeon one day. I think he was holding his head & shoulders just a bit higher that evening-someone believed in him, had faith in his future. Something our Bobby so desperately needs. Thank you, Claudia. Whether or not Bobby chooses to pursue medicine, remains to be seen but today that doesn't even matter. A strength was identified & everyone needs this-especially adhd kids!