Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cell Phones And Downloads

Ugh! The very thing that I've come to love the convenience of has become a nightmare in my son's hands! Wish I could say it's only happened once. The thing I'm learning about ADHD is that it's often paired with brilliance. Not always good. Once in church (yep, right up there in the front too) our son's father sat with him in a gospel quartet concert. I suppose Dad thought he was listening due to the fact that he was sitting still in the pew. Unfortunately Mr. Download himself eyed a lonely cell phone, begging to be used. This was shortly after these handy telephones became equipped with the deadly ability to "go online" and download games! $9.95 later our son was discovered. He made "restitution" with owner of the phone - oh, that was NOT his father's phone. Sure he learned his lesson by making restitution, we took our eyes off of him a few weeks later while friends visited. I realized he had disappeared and found him upstairs with a phone that wasn't any of ours. That one was $30. He had to work to earn the money & pay back this phone owner. Plus, he wrote a letter of apology. Between those two instances there was another small one - paid back as well. I love my friends but glad they're telling me they password protect downloading now, from their phones. (And the wise person in the back says, "they shouldn't have to...well, back in my day a good spanking cured all.) I wish the wise ones knew how different today is!

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