Thursday, November 4, 2010

Perpetual Motion

Forever moving, bouncing, bopping,
jumping, swinging, rocking, hopping.

Never slowing,
always going. Constantly in motion.

Stubborn & obstreperous,
reckless & rambunctious.

Beloved, treasured, darling,
Precious beyond describing...

This is my little boy.


Jeannie said...

Just found your blog today and I have tears in my eyes as I read your posts. I have a six year old with ADHD combined type (hyperactive & impulsive). Every day is a challenge and we are a work in progress. He is not on medication and is generally in constant motion, moving, speaking, screeching. God bless him! He is also a loving, caring, brilliant kid. This poem is him. Thanks for your blog, I don't feel so all alone after all!

Charlotte said...

Hi Jeannie, My heart goes out to you and your little guy. Hang in there. These kids are indeed brilliant on so many levels. We just have an enormous job tapping into their strengths and training them to work thru their weaknesses. If you start back at the beginning of my blog (couple years back) you'll have a glimpse into a darker period of time. I hope with all my heart that these experiences offer hope to you. There is light at the end of the tunnel & there is a LOT of hope for these kids! Make sure you have some time for you. Somehow. Then you'll be strong enough to do everything you need to for him. Glad you're here! Enjoy.