Sunday, October 17, 2010

Enduring Gradeschool

We think the gradeschool years (K-5) should be fun-filled, carefree years. Learning set in a fun atmosphere, mixed with some Art & Music....nothing gets better than this! Not for the ADHD child.
School involves:
  • Listening attentively
  • Being quite
  • Recalling information
  • Following directions
There's nothing here that comes easily (or at all) for the ADHD child and mine is no exception. What gets us through this phase? I do not know yet. I'm not "through" it and have to admit, not really enjoying it. We parents of ADHD kids are in this together. I try to back the teacher(s), and be in communication with them (that's easy - they have my number in speed dial). Each evening as needed,  we talk about that day's issues briefly & then try to create FUN evening that he can end his day with! I want my boy's last experiences of every day, to be happy experiences if possible. No matter what, I love him!

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Anonymous said...

Keep catching him when he's doing a good job. He's a sweet boy with a tender heart. Today when you were at our house he was so sweet to my kids and it was like a light switch from the rough housing he was doing with his big sibs. He's just smack dab in the middle of two completely different groups. He's not a baby but he's gotta keep up with the older crew. You're doing great mom! I hope you know that! Also, give dad a kiss and hug and remember how blessed you are to have that wonderful man! Good thing those boys like to fish!