Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mom, the Sleuth.

Sometimes I throw up my hands. "I don't care. I don't want to know what he just got into. I'm tired!" Then "Detective Mom" rises up and the search is on. "Where is the new box of ice-cream bars?" I search the regular hot spots...bathroom drawers (all of them), bedroom closet, under his pillow. Nope. Nothing. Then I look in the bathroom garbage can. A smile crosses my face. It shouldn't. There are 12 wrappers and sticks in that garbage can but I breathe a sign of contentment. I'm not immediately concerned for my son's health. My son has put garbage WHERE IT GOES! Those wrappers are in the garbage can and I'm thrilled. This rarely happens. Then the other Mom kicks in. The "you're going to pay for this mom" rises up and seeks out culprit. He "only had one" but admits defeat when wrappers are produced by angry mother.  Restitution is critical with all kids, and with no exception....adhd ones! He will pay for the ice cream and has no dessert for several days. Because he would do this again I won't buy any more for a while! Mom learns lesson. Child probably doesn't.

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