Sunday, October 17, 2010

WHAT Were You Thinking? (My 1st Blog)

I recall the moment I began to realize that parenting this cute boy wasn't going to be easy. It was a busy afternoon in my home office. Our adorable & talkative, then three year old was playing on the floor nearby.  When I noticed the loud crashing sounds of toy cars had stopped, it was too late... I bolted through the house calling his name. As I rounded the corner into the kitchen the drops of red and blue food coloring were dotting my newly-installed, white linoleum. He was standing on the kitchen counter, eyeing his nearly empty bottles. "Isn't this cool, Mommy?" he questioned, his eyes not leaving his masterpiece. In that first moment I recall KNOWING this was just the "beginning." I gasped in horro,r but that was long ago and so many crazy experiences have sinced topped that first one! Many family and friends have encouraged me to put these "funny" (to them!) stories into a book.  Then the idea of blogging came to me. This is my beginning. I'm hoping that writing helps me cope with the rapid rocket, often destructive tornado that is my precious boy. If our experiences encourage someone else, that's a bonus.

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