Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Picnic Fisherman

Bobby loves to fish. He can't focus on  much for long but legos, reading & FISHING are the 3 things that grab onto his attention span and S*T*R*E*T*C*H it! We went to a picnic with friends and family this weekend. Not even cookies & potato chips grabbed Bobby's attention. The picnic was at a marina & off he dashed once the car pulled into the parking spot! Did he have his gear with him? Nope-but not to worry, he'd find some cast-off supplies by scavenging the banks of the river. About 20 minutes into his new adventure, he ran to the picnic tables to inform me he had a line but was discouraged he couldn't find a hook. Once I assured him it would take just a bit more looking he seemed convinced and continued on. Within another 15 minutes an overjoyed 11 year old flew up from the river to our site with a small Walleye on his hook. (This was a hook his grandfather informed us, wouldn't even cut through the piece of red ballon he was using for bait!) FISH ON!!! I will never be convinced these ADHD kids aren't smart! They do things with gusto once they find something worth "gusto-ing" about! They are tenacious & it sometimes works FOR them, not just against them. We parents need to find those "hot buttons" that fire them up positively and turn them loose. Goodness knows half the time they're just plain bored. Bobby grabbed a few cookies as he headed for home at the end of the picnic. And the walleye---well, I hear it tasted pretty darn good! Way to go, son! Way to go!