Sunday, October 17, 2010

Discipline That Works?

For an ADHD kiddo, is there any discipline that REALLY "works?"  Contemporary solutions such as time outs provide me with 5-20 minutes of knowing where my little guy is. That's about it. It goes like this: "Hey, sit in this chair and think about what you've done." He sits, clearly not even remembering what he did. He sits straight for 10 seconds and then the chair magically turns into a trapeze. Dangling & twisting in every position but "sitting still" he talks throughout the time out. When the timer "beeps" I'm thrilled to send him back to play, positive he has no intentions of changing the behavior that sent him there.  But, we do the time. We hope that somehow, the consistency will deepen a good groove in his brain and someday he'll remember the appropriate behavior on his own.

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