Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fishing, Sushi & Roadtrips

Thank God for finding 3 things that hold the interest of my son! He can focus while engaged in any of these things:
  • Fishing - Taking apart his and Dad's gear, dumping bait & losing his tackle box are things of the past. Now my boy can fish for....get this, 6-8 hours straight. Baffles friends (and us). Needless to say, we take him fishing as often as we can.
  • Sushi - Stumbled upon this one quite by accident but he routinely gets out the rice cooker & seaweed and prepares to enjoy making his favorite snack! No time to slice these rolls. He eats them like hot dogs!
  • Roadtrips - Often ADHD kids are a disaster to seat belt into the car. With a gps, binoculars and books, our wild child turns into an extraordinary traveler. (More difficult to do when gas prices are high!)
Regrettably, we can't just fish & eat sushi but hey, I'm thankful for small diversions!

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