Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Mom, I Didn't Get Invited"

Boy, this one's tough for me. The pain goes deep in my heart. Many times he's come home without an invitation.  How do I explain to my son that not every parent or home is equipped to deal with the tornado that he is? That kids don't want someone at their party who will open their gifts ahead of them. Or a child who will destroy their toys? Yes, I've sat him down a few times and explained that parties take a lot of energy and parents don't want to have a visitor tearing through their home and things. It's only fair that he knows the truth as he gets older. We discuss what kind of behavior he should have when he does get invited. But mostly, I tell him parties cost a lot of money & nowadays parents usually just allow a couple kids to the party. (That was hard for him to understand the times he thought all the other cubbies had invitations.)  Usually parenting an ADHD child is frustrating and just plain exhausting. At times like this's particularly sad.

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