Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mentors A Must!

Goes without saying that our kids keep us busy. All kids. I'm convinced mentors are a helpful addition to the family. Our lightning bolt is blessed by the significant other people that surround him. Why are they significant? Bottom-line is they "get" what's happening here. They look at Bobby's strengths and converse with him in those areas. They are friends and family who take a particular interest in speaking to him when they see him, patting him on the back, inviting him to do things with them and quite frequently, ignoring those impulsive things he says and does that well-meaning parents would dearly love to address and fix. These safe people love him unconditionally. They are a cherished treasure.
If I didn't have mentors right now in my family or circle of friends I'd be starting an earnest search. Scouts, Sports, Church, School. Good people are out there. My child is worth the search.   Today I'm once again thankful for the friends we have who are helping us raise ou4 super-cool and rock-star kid, Bobby! Here's to mentors. Every child deserves them!


Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte,
My 5 year old son was recently diagnosed with ADHD and I came across your blog while doing research on-line. We've decided to hold off on medication and try some other options such as behavior therapy. At what age did you start your son on meds and have you had any luck with any other therapies?

Charlotte said...

I believe our son was 5 or 6 when he started on Stratera. 2 years of that, 2 years of Ritalin and 2 years of Adderal. At the end of each of those he became more and more angry so we switched at those points. He has been off meds almost 2 years. I have shared several blog entries in the past year about the diet changes we made in our home. These have positive effects as well. Big combination of a lot of interventions for sure. Thanks for stopping at my blog!