Friday, October 18, 2013

Where Is The Snake?

"Mom, my snake is missing!" There was no doubt in my mind Bobby was telling the truth. Nothing surprises me any more. I hate snakes. All of them. Even if they are harmless little ones." The idea that at any point I may now stumble upon a snake inside my own home, makes me angry beyond belief. I told him only an hour earlier that I wanted his newest pet taken outdoors. We had argued about this because it is getting cold outside and Bobby was concerned for his reptile's safety. I told him he could keep him in the garage where there was some heat. But alas, this conversation is now behind us.
The "Attention Deficit" portion of the ADHD looms in the face of such circumstances. There are lots of kids out there who really can't focus on the details necessary to raising pets. They are so excited about the idea they become caught up in that excitement and any awareness of details such as shutting & locking cages is tossed aside.
Bobby, you're a super-cool kid but really!  This is over the top and Mom isn't very happy about it. I usually save the end of my blog entries for something like "I love you to the moon and back," but tonight I reserve the right to wish that in 20 years when you have a bunch of your own kids, one of them loses a snake in your house. That would be Bobby Jr.  Can't wait to meet him. I'll love him to the moon and back too,  I'm sure!


brittany said...

I would die!! However, this post did provide entertaining and I laughed heartily! Funny enough, it reminded me of the story my mom told me about her half brother losing his pet snake in their house as well. I think weeks later someone found it dead under a curtain but I can't say I would be able to stay in the house knowing that it was out there somewhere. Best of luck my dear! Ick!!!

Jennyfer said...

I fear the day I live that same scenario, because I have faith that my curious nature lover will someday do the same! Thanks for sharing your stories because laughter is the best way to move through the struggles. I'm happy I found your blog- too many people do not understand.

Charlotte said...

My hope is that the parents who need this blog will find it. You are correct....too many people do not understand. Glad you're here!