Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1st Sprint Triathlon-And Only 12!

No joke! Mr. Energy himself has a triathlon under his belt now. Last weekend he competed with 141 people in his first Sprint Triathlon. (.47 mi swim, 12 1/2 mi bike ride & 5k run). He was the YOUNGEST entrant ever in this triathlon and most everyone present cheered him on. He competed with skill and speed against mostly adults. He and 3 other teens were the only kids under 20 in the competition. As he crossed the finish line he was welcomed in as the youngest competitor and immediately pulled aside for an interview. That was a high day for me. My boy used his energy and spirit to accomplish something big. Some days as we deal with these miniature tornadoes we fail to see success in the future. We are consumed by the intensity of daily life. We are now seeing maturity. Not every minute but every day. We see growth. Bobby's Triathlon was a display of such growth. Go speedy boy. Go!


tracy.rose@healthline.com said...

Hi Charlotte,

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Jackie Minniti said...

Wonderful! You must be so proud! It's so encouraging to hear ADHD success stories.

Charlotte said...

Hello Maggie, My Blog is more of a personal journey so I haven't gotten involved in listing other sites information. I think I'll keep it simple like that. I do appreciate the request and thank you for including my blog on your "Best ADHD Blogs of 2013." Quite a surprise to me. Again, thank you.