Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why Read An ADHD Blog? Why Write One?

It's been not quite 3 years since I sat down with my laptop and googled "How To Create Your Own Blog." What I was experiencing was far from interesting. I had no intentions of sharing this adhd adventure with the general public. Why didn't I just put my musings in an old-fashioned diary?

It all started with a longing for support. All of my free time became consumed with a quest for knowledge. I found a counselor, bought a pile of books & then searched online for other moms who just might be blogging their experiences. Amazingly, I found not one blog written by a mom who had kids with ADHD. (Now I know better..."A Mom's View of ADHD" is just one of many great blogs out there!)

I began to write. This writing was for me. In the beginning there was pain. Pain initiated by fear. I was a scared mom wanting to help my precious boy focus. I wanted to teach him the valuable skills he would need in life. He was too hyperactive and far to impulsive to learn these skills. What could we do to reach deep into his soul and find his strengths? I wanted to build on those strengths.

My blog became my go-to place after hours of research on the subject. I talked to doctors, counselors, authors, family members, friends. Bobby's wild and crazy ways fueled my writing. My search for answers became the foundation for this blog.

I read somewhere recently of a physician who strongly cautioned against reading adhd blogs written by parents. Something about "all kids are different" etc... Well, hopefully anyone who has stumbled upon or returned to this blog has found:
#1 the support of another parent going down a similar path
#2 ADHD educational resources
#3 a wide range of useful strategies to try  
#4 some humor on the subject

Writing my own blog has given me strength for my journey. I am delighted it is helping others. Inspired by Mr. Bobby himself. He's one of a kind! Love you to the moon and back, Buddy!


MSR said...

I am so thankful you decided to write one. It is helpful to hear from another parent and to laugh. I also love how you seek to see the good in your amazing son.

Charlotte said...

I'm very glad it has been helpful to you - and laughing is one of my most successful strategies! Thank you!