Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Need Fewer Hours In My Day!

I am honored that this blog entry is to be published with my permission in the Spring 2012 issue of ADDitude Magazine:

Every time I have a day like today I just want BEDTIME to roll around quickly so I can collapse. Most people think they need more hours in their day. Not me. Not any more. It's barely 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon and already I've said, "What were you thinking?" at least 7 times. Here are the doozies:
1) Went out to clean up the shop for a barn party we're planning for our kids and found hundreds of screws & nails everywhere. When I asked "why" the reply was honest. "I was throwing them at pigeons to get the pigeons out of here!" (He picked them up plus did some other work for restitution.)
2) I sent Bobby to the house with a wheelbarrel of produce from the garden. Simple task but when he didn't return I discovered he was "washing the windows" (with a hose & hard water).
3) Came into the house to find a large salmon hook stuck into the couch cushion. (Not sure when this happened since the house is always locked if we're outside working.) Felt ridiculous even saying the words "why did you put a fish hook in the couch?" Not surprising, he doesn't even remember this one.

I love my boy to the moon and back....I think we've been to the moon and back. But I'm a mom of an adhd boy and I'm like all other parents of adhd kids - e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d! This is not a "phase" but my daily, hourly life.

This is precisely why FEWER hours in the day would help me out. Fewer hours to repair, scrub, discipline, explain & argue. I don't need any more hours in my day. I'm ready for bed now and it's not much past 3:00.


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say I love it! Such honest and true thoughts.
I love this particular blog post - I feel the same with my two kids who have ADHD a lot too. Their energy is both a delight and a fright at the same time!

Cherishing his childhood.....though wild & crazy! said...

I'm so glad you found my blog. Writing is very relaxing for me even though reading back through some of the experiences raises my blood pressure. And God bless you for doing this with TWO kids. I can't even wrap my thinking around that but I know you adore them as do I adore mine! Blessings as you journey down the crazy path. Charlotte