Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bobby And The Bees!

Bobby's latest fascination is BEES! Recently he disappeared only to be found near the neighbor's bee hives. As usual, we quizzed him on what he was doing and as usual, the answers were vague. After what seemed like ages of interrogation, Bobby admitted he had lifted the lid on the top of the box. He assured us he put it back. "I was just curious and wanted to see what it looked like in there" was his explanation. Arrggg! 

"You, young man, will march right back over to the bees and we'll be SURE the lid is on correctly," we informed him as Dad began to lead him back to the bees. It was clear he was nervous about getting close again which made the discipline follow-through even more important. They arrived at the bee hive to discover the lid not quite secure in it's place. As Bobby  reached out to fix the lid, with Dad looking on from a safe distance, a mad bee shot out at his arm and disciplined him. Because he's not allergic to bees, we wasted no time on sympathy.

Since that day, Bobby and Dad have begun reading all about raising bees. They are planning to begin their new venture in the spring. As of today, Mom is apprehensive of bringing bee hives anywhere near where Bobby lives, teases & destroys. No clue how this one will end but we'll find out next spring!

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