Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Depression In ADHD Kids

We're seeing quite a bit of depression these days. Considerably more than ever before. Can't figure out if starting back to school has kick-started it after such a fun summer or if maybe it's just a new phase. One thing is certain, it's heart-breaking. I don't cope well around depression. Doesn't mean I've never been depressed ('cuz I get down from time to time) but it's just not something I can "fix" or make better, so I feel helpless as a parent.  I'm really hoping this is a phase and not a new "normal" in our home. The odds are always against him. This will not be good if the blues stick around. I feel so sorry for him.

Tonight I'm rambling. Not really sure where we'll turn from here but one thing is sure....Bobby's Psychologist should have a handful of good tools for us to try out. Sometimes the days are very long but we're still just taking them one at a time.

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Anonymous said...

We are blessed with two boys with ADHD, and one has a definite depressed-like dispostion. We aren't sure what we will get from him from day to day. He is doing well on a Antidepressant and recently we started him again on a third trial of a stimulant. He seems to become so blank on the stimulant but you can tell he likes feeling more organized. It's hard to watch! And it's hard to explain to the Docs too, b/c every day is different. Ug.