Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Father's Role In ADHD

So often the nurturing task lands on Mom. Don't get me wrong. I realize many dads look for ways to nurture their children, but more often that responsibility is taken on by mom. Moms do more talking. (Its' a fact. Darn it anyway.) We are frequently the chosen "go-to" person when kids need to talk and figure stuff out and we seem to be the bridge between home and school. So where does Dad come in?

I just read an article on this very subject by Dr. Silver, featured in the Feb./March 2003 issue of ADDitude Magazine, entitled "Why Boys With ADHD Need Their Dads."  WOW! Great article. There are so many ways dads can contribute to the healthy growth of their kids & ADHD boys are high on that need list! I was interested in how important it is for Dad to support whatever program his child is using to become more successful as a young man with ADHD.  If Dad isn't in support that training will not be as successful. Makes a lot of sense to me! I'm a mom who believes we have to jump in with both feet, when parenting. Especially any child with high needs. We see less t.v., do less with friends & read as much as we can, to EDUCATE ourselves on how to make a positive impact in our kids' lives. It must be the priority. No questions asked.

Circumstances such as divorce, death, illness & work dictate that not every dad can "be there." Sadly though, many dads don't choose to.  Bobby's one lucky kid. His daddy is on-board. He plays games and does homework with him, attends all his soccer games, yelling his support as loud as the dads with kids who don't struggle with impulsivity, wildness, anger and destructiveness. Does he get angry & is he ever frustrated? You bet. This stuff isn't easy for any of us. He does seem to understand that his role of support in Bobby's life is crucial. Today, I am thankful for this fact!

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