Saturday, December 11, 2010

Teen Mentors - A God-Send

Very recently I heard teenagers going to bat for my son. I was thrilled to hear a different "tune" about Bobby. These two young people clearly want to help him feel accepted & as a mom, my heart is warmed. Most young kids look up to the teens around  them and if the teens are positive role-models, WOW!  Bobby has created for himself a reputation. He started out with destructiveness & insubordination, moving in the past few months into pranks & mouthiness. He is a busy guy, but unfortunately now he's blamed for more things that go wrong than are truly his fault.  Bobby has some good friends but there are other kids who can easily & regularly turn the focus off themselves and quickly on to him! They can also more-slyly, suggest trouble that he will oftentimes eagerly jump into while they disappear from the "action." There are many times when he takes the blame for things he either had little or nothing to do with. These are the things that hurt me as a mom but today I'm feeling pretty thankful for 2 teens who are speaking up for Bobby and showing him kindness. 

It's funny because he just said this week that one of them was really "cool." Yesterday while in the car, out of nowhere came, "Mom, _______ and _________ are so nice. I think they're watching out for me." Who TOLD him? I don't think anyone did - he felt it!

I'm encouraged knowing that a couple of young people Bobby looks up to, believe in him, look past his non-stop talking and mischievousness,  to the neat kid he is.  I hope they know how much this means to him as well as his mom. And maybe some day, Bobby will pay it back. Maybe he'll remember feeling unsuccessful & sad and he will offer a caring hand to younger kids who feel this same way.


Jeanne said...

Hi Charlotte. I have been reading your posts and enjoying them so much. Thank you for displaying my book on your post. It has been a great book for ADHD kids and evidently, from mom feedback, a great book for talking to their kids. Thanks again. Will be following your site.

Charlotte said...

Hi Jeanne, I'm glad you've been stopping by. I write to cope and boy, it helps me! Your book, "Cory Stories" is the one book on ADHD we've got that our son really enjoys. Thank you for your insight!