Sunday, December 26, 2010

All Things In Perspective

I wish things were easier in our home on a day-to-day basis. It would be so nice if Bobby listened & worked with us without so much resistance. I sure wish he wouldn't say things without thinking, especially in front of other people! Days would be easier if we weren't needing to be ahead of him continually. But as I look forward to 2011, I want to put things in perspective:

* We are dealing with something challenging but I'm thankful my son is healthy and not dealing with a terminal illness.
* He can see, hear, walk & talk. (Sometimes it would be nice if he walked and talked more slowly, but I'm putting things in perspective here!)
* He has 2 older sisters, brother & brother-in-law who all care deeply about him and watch out for his good.
* My husband and I have each other. I can't imagine doing this alone!
* Awareness of ADHD treatment & compassion is on the rise.
* Our son has healthy interests in life that occupy more and more of his time. Reading, History, Legos, Fishing.

It's all about perspective. My circumstances aren't changing any time soon. My focus could be on the negative, gloomy side or I can be a positive-thinking mom, shining the spotlight on the good stuff about this son I love so much! I want to choose the latter. (I'll forget all this positive-thinking stuff, I'm sure, but for today, I'm ok.)


Jeanne said...

My last speech for the CHadd organization was exactly on that topic. Perspective. I watch TV and see children with such health problems that their lives are shortened. And I see children with behavior issues that are further clouded by uncaring,and sometimes just unknowing parents. Perspective is so important.

Charlotte said...

Jeanne, I wish I could have heard it! It's difficult to remember this but I'm trying.