Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mom & Dad - Divorce?

We both work & come home like anyone else....ready for some down-time. Then, after 3 minutes it's right back at it. Laundry, pets, dinner, organization for the next day. Pretty average American family. The list of evening responsibilities for parents is long but it's particularly draining when raising a child you can't ever take your eyes off and have to deliberate with continually. I wouldn't want to do this as a single parent...so we probably won't divorce. (I suppose that's not the best reason to stay married.) Raising such a challenging child keeps us focusing on negative things so much of the time it can & does really bring us down. We are forced to discuss frustrating issues often & we find ourselves battling back and forth to be sure we're doing the best thing.  Bobby's bedtime is early for a 10 year old. 8:00pm every school night. The quiet doesn't start immediately 'cuz the average kiddo escapes the  bedroom at least 2 or 3 times before really settling down & we all know Bobby's wilder than average. Once he nuzzles into his 6 blankets, the house does a little shift on it's foundation. All is calm again as peace settles over the entire home. Whew. This is exhausting. No wonder the latest statistics are saying 30% of the parents who are raising ADHD kids, divorce before the child is 8. It's not the child's fault. No study wants to promote that thinking. But with so much frustration and pain, parents don't have the extra time needed to nurture their marriage, plus it's rare when the parents are both on the same page. We're giving it our best shot but it's not easy at all.

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