Monday, December 20, 2010

Children Should Be Seen AND Heard

If there was one phrase I hated from my childhood era, it was "Children should be seen and not heard." Whatever!? (To quote from present-day lingo.)  I've got a boy in my house that we can't take our eyes OR our ears off of. If we do, we're mopping up, re-assembling or asking "why'd you do this?" We don't have the luxury of curling up with a good book while he plays wherever he wants. We try to know where he is at all times. (Right now he's being watched by an older cousin who keeps an eagle-eye on him.)  We have to be able to hear him, whether he's chattering to himself, humming a tune or playing crash-cars complete with all the right sounds. He's fairly used to hearing "Where are you going?" when he heads out of the living room/kitchen area of our home. It's a household phrase!

Bobby has a lot to say & needs to be heard in this respect as well. Listening to a boy who talks non-stop, rambling from one random topic to another, isn't always easy but it's our life right now & whether easy or not, we'll buck up and do it. I believe children should be seen and heard. It boils down to one thing. Is there anything more meaningful in our lives?

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