Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Head On Spin Cycle!

I'm guessing my son's head runs on the spin cycle much of the time but WOW, when I look at all the treatments possible for ADHD kids, I'm in over my head:
* Stimulant, Non-Stimulant,  Anti-psychotic & Antidepressant Drugs
* Behavior Therapy
* Megavitamin Therapy
* Bio Feedback
* EEG Neurofeedback combined with Cognitive Therapy
* Diet Adjustments (Sugar, Additives, Wheat, Dairy....)
* Natural Remedies such as Magnesium & Omega-3 Supplements
* Structured Daily Schedule
* Rigorous Daily Exercise

Good grief!! Where to begin? Well, a couple good doctors for starters and read up on everything, weighing pros & cons while looking at the specific needs of individual child. I'm pretty sure now that a structured daily schedule, balanced diet & good daily exercise program are all necessary no matter which other course of action we choose! These ADHD kids don't all have the same prevailing issues so effective treatments vary. It's all so overwhelming but fascinating as well.

For Mom's sanity (if that's possible):  Good amount of sleep every night, Calgon, exercise & a very good sense of humor!!!

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Penny said...

Thanks for sharing the link to your blog on my site! I've added your blog to our blogroll. I look forward to reading your posts.