Sunday, September 4, 2011

Great Book: "From Defiance to Cooperation"

Why is my son getting more and more hostile & angry? Why must he argue about everything? Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) exists in a large number of ADD or ADHD kids. While it can be caused by a number of different factors, one thing is's FRUSTRATING to deal with in your kids. There is however, a difference between being clinically diagnosed with ODD & exhibiting anger from time to time. Our Psychologist recommended this book by John F. Taylor, PhD: "From Defiance to Cooperation," and I have barely put it down since it arrived. In my opinion it really gets good at Chapter 3, "Create Greater Emotional Safety," but everything in it is pretty helpful! We bought a used copy on for just a few dollars, plus shipping. Every parent dealing with strong defiance would gain tremendous insight from reading this book & the author states that Chapter 3 should be read by the teacher(s) of defiant kids! 

There's no question things will look up around here when we understand more about this "ODD" thing!!


tracy said...

I am just looking at your blog for the very first time, and this post caught my eye. One of my sons is defiant, we thought for a while he had ADHD and ODD, I am sure defiant should be his middle name. Anyway, at his most recent neuropsych testing they assured us he does not have ADHD or ODD. (I am reading this blog because one of my son's truly has ADHD and is in his first year of college.)

I am writing to you to say that we have had 100% success with the simple approach presented in the book Beyond Consequences. It is positive and simple. I thought perhaps you would be interested. The problem is that it is hard to change our parenting approach after 17 years of it, but our 9 year old is hurt, he struggles with PTSD,and with any stress he responds with fight or flight, most often fight. The empathy approach has never let us down. : )

Cherishing his childhood.....though wild & crazy! said...

Tracy, Thank you for recommending the book, "Beyond Consequences." I've not heard of it and I will check it out. Best wishes. My hat's off to ANYONE who can travel this path with more than one child. Wow!