Sunday, September 18, 2011

Double-Meaning Words & ADHD Kids

Impulsive kids blurt. They don't mean to cause so much embarrassment. It's just the nature of ADHD. Double-meaning terms are some of the worst. This time I'm siding with my boy. I won't use the word here, due to the fact that someone went over-the-top crazy when they heard it slip off his tongue. 

My son is a history buff in the making. He reads about wars & the gold rush all the time. He and all his fishing buddies (and his father) use a phrase taken from the gold rush days....but apparently, this phrase has another meaning in some circles (definitely not ours). When this adult heard our son use this popular gold-rush term, she nearly went into orbit, chewing him up one side and down the other, without even so much as a talk with me as his mother first. I ran to his side to hear the tongue-lashing. I knew it was also a much-used historic term but did not argue with her. Bobby's dad and I talked to him later that evening and explained he did nothing wrong. Unfortunately, she didn't take the time to find out why he used that historic expression, assuming incorrectly that he was simply repeating filth. He felt SO awful after her blasting. This time he was innocent.
Oftentimes these kids ARE guilty when accused.  Sadly too, they're frequently blamed for stuff they didn't do. We're reminding Bobby that this is just life & he won't always have parents to come to his defense. "Just learn to move on and put it behind ya!"

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