Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sChOoL sTaRtS tOmOrRoW ~ YiKeS

Three short months ago we emptied out his backpack into a pile somewhere & began using it for fun summer outings which included camping & fishing. We tossed the alarm clock & fired up the barbecue. There was a family reunion, summer camp & a trip to visit family in Alaska. But suddenly it seems to have come to a screeching halt. Summer vacation has officially ended & school begins in the morning.

Certainly many unknowns lie ahead (who am I kidding - we've been here before. We know exactly what will be happening.) For tonight however, I'd like to hope. I'm hoping maturity kicked in a bit & hoping Bobby makes & keeps good friends. Hoping he "gets" Math just a bit more than last year & doesn't disappear during that class. I hope he respects his teacher even if he doesn't like him every day & I really hope he gets his work done at school so we don't pour over it every night.

A new backpack replaces the old & is loaded with most of the supplies from his list. I'm getting ready to pack his lunch with some of his favorites. Cautiously optimistic about tomorrow & the rest of the tomorrows 5th grade will bring. Love you, Bobby. You're an amazing boy!

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Prof.M.Browne said...

Charlotte I love your blog and I do hope the school term works out better than expected. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Bobby improves on his maths.