Thursday, July 28, 2011

There's Proven Help for ADHD Kids!

I'm a mom on a perpetual pursuit for tips & tools that will help me work effectively with my son. He's growing and changing. What Bobby suffered with at 5 is different at almost 11. Books stacked around me and always new websites saved in my "favorites," I'm finding that I have to work to keep up! One thing is certain. There IS help for ADHD kids! No question. I'll wrap up this blog entry today with the short list of my favorites:

1) Dependable routine
2) Plenty of sleep
3) Exceptional nutrition (For us this means only a little sugar. Few processed foods. Many vegetable and fruit servings each day, especially the deep greens like spinach, broccoli & kale! Wholewheat bread & whole grains - we make wheat pancake mix from scratch & use with blue berries. Delicious. Lots of water. No soda or juice drinks that aren't 100% juice.) Ok...rare treats!
4) Working closely with teacher/principal
5) Counseling for Bobby & us, as needed and with a very well-trusted physician, psychologist or preferably a child psychologist.
6) Daily outdoor activity

These things WORK for us. These make our days manageable. We top this off with TONS of praise whenever Bobby does something terrific. (Praising him in public makes him beam!) The scolding/correcting does not happen in public. (Well, in a perfect world they NEVER happen in public...) Generally only in private. His confidence & success are improving leaps & bounds and I attribute it to "getting on board" with his ADHD!

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