Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Camp Is For Parents!

The planning is over. Registration, the months of waiting, dreaming, packing & the long drive. All behind us. Bobby's at camp! He's in a cabin with 7 other boys and 2 counsellors. (Terrific ratio!) I don't know if any of the other boys in his cabin are ADHD but if the national ratios are accurate, he could be the only one which would make it a tad easier for everyone. 

We don't just drive to camp, drop off our boy & his mountain of necessities for the week and leave. We spent time talking with the director, camp nurse and his counsellors. We made a few notes on good strategies that work for getting him to REALLY take his meds and also how to "chill out" when over-excited. (Brief notes!)  Then I made his bed with the extra blankets and pillows that will make it feel more like home. Time to turn the car toward home and spend quality time with Dad!

Bobby will be fine at camp. His brother & sister are staff there & the other young people know and love him. He gets to do the things he's really been wanting to do like sailing & survival skills. He'll eat like there's no tomorrow & enjoy a camp curfew which is much later than home!

But let's get this right.....Camp is for US! Bobby's got an insane amount of energy and defiance to match it. We can't sleep at night until we are positive he's asleep. We bolt out of bed the second his feet hit the floor in the morning & we can't take our eyes off him during the day. With this 24/7 schedule we are honestly, worn down. WE are ready for Camp! Dad & I just might finish our conversations without forgetting what we were saying.  We'll get some projects done around the house that require accuracy & focus.

We'll play & we'll rest. In two weeks we'll all be ready for the grand reunion!  We'll race toward the camp, snatch up our "all-smiles" boy, listen to his non-stop stories all the way home & then force him to take his first shower WITH SOAP in 14 days. Then, we'll begin saving for next year's Camp Get-Away! (Well worth it!!!!)

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