Sunday, July 17, 2011

Clean & Quiet - Am I At The Right House?

We can almost hear the silence. I've only cleaned the house once in a week. This is what it's like when there are no kids at home. Wow. Bobby is at summer camp. He has an older brother and sister that are staff there so we know he's in good hands. The college students who staff the camp are high-energy, happy young people who are there because they want to be--it's all good. I don't feel a bit guilty for enjoying this time with my husband. Moms and dads really gotta have a bit of this once in a while.

We chose a good camp that's been operating for many, many years. We visited the camp first to see what we thought & we talked to staff members. They are fully-capable of working with our ADHD son! (Surprise, surprise. He's not the only ADHD kid there!)  Because we did our "homework," we were able to make the 4 hour drive home, knowing Bobby's in terrific hands. This wouldn't be happening if we didn't know for certain it was a good choice. He may spin loud and crazy circles around us but we ADORE him!

I am at the right house. I'm going to enjoy this until it's time to go pick him up! This is rejuvenating time. Time for us to have complete conversations. We needed it. Taking another deeeeep breath...relaxing.

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