Monday, August 1, 2011

"My Brain Is Broken"

Recently I was stunned to hear these words from my son. His statement was matter-a-fact, with no pouting or self-pity. He had incorrectly processed my information on ADHD. I had talked to him about exactly what this whole "ADHD thing" meant. (Over a YEAR ago!) I explained in very basic terms. Terms my doctor had used to help me understand the label. Our psychologist had used a small drawing of neurons in the brain and how that all worked (or didn't work).  I thought Bobby understood as I even went on to explain this in even more basic terms to him. We zeroed in on the fact that many people have this disorder. Girls as well as boys and adults too. I have also worked to make Bobby aware of how much FUN ADHD people are!! They are comedic & exciting to be around. Shouldn't we focus on the positive aspects of our difficulties in life?

Well, unfortunately, Bobby heard "broken" in our discussion about neurons and that's what stuck. I am reminded today of something I hadn't thought of before. I really need to be positive he's getting positive messages!! Great reminder! Son, your brain is DEFINITELY not broken!!! Love you!

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