Monday, January 3, 2011

This Ain't Easy - Hang In There!

Being a parent isn't ever really simple, but when it's complicated by hyperactivity, rage & impulsivity, you're in over your head. The home, the kids, the school, work & bills all add up to exhaustion.  ADHD kids run in overdrive & before they learn the necessary skills to deal with life, everything seems completely out of control. What is a parent to do?

I don't know exactly what our future years hold, but I'm guessing we're on a challenging road. It will be easier on me if my husband and I have strong strategies in place for raising our son & good skills to pass along to him, so that HE feels more successful in this battle.

I'm a list-maker, so here's my punch list:

*Seek out professional help if/when necessary. (I'm eternally thankful for my doctor's support!)
*Make sure child has a doctor who is experienced with ADHD treatment.
*Spend daily time 1 on 1 with this child. Outdoor excercise is crucial!
*Get myself healthy - sleep, rest, exercise, meditation or prayer, nutrition & balance
*Keep my son on a fairly consistent schedule. This is crucial.
*Choose carefully my strongest support system....friends & family who will help me focus positively & objectively on my situation. It may be difficult, but if a family member or friend can't deal with your child or is a negative factor, limit the time. A parent has the right to do this.
*READ (I've read about 6 books and countless articles on ADHD so far. Even though some professionals' views differ, we can glean from all angles.)
*Journal (or blog)
*Make a list of child's strengths & be sure your child knows these!
If you're raising an ADHD kid, you need a strong support system around you. If you are doing this alone, have multiple kids with disabilities or are facing other "giants" in your life, WOW, you really need the support.

Parents have to gear-up when entering "Battle-Zone ADHD!" Hang in there!


HynesMom said...

ITA! My favorite is knowing your child's strengths and making sure he/she knows them. I tell my son all the time what a wonderful imagination he has. It will take him far one day.

Charlotte said...

Exactly! I've been brainstorming the past few months about the business he's "going to start" when he's a teen. I'm just sayin' we've gotta plant those good seeds or we'll be killed by the negative stuff!

Gabrielle said...

Hi! Just wanted to leave you a note telling you how much I enjoy and relate to your blog. I am a mom of a 6 yr old boy with ADHD. It's quite the ride! :) Feel free to check out my blog too sometime!