Monday, January 24, 2011

A Day Without Adderall!!!??!!

Unbelieveable! Parents really CHOOSE to do this sort of thing?  I was running late to work and remembered the little blue pill when I was close to his school. There was no turning around and there were no back-up sources. Just had to let him go. I decided not to remind Bobby he hadn't taken his pill due to the fact that I felt he'd act out and think he had an excuse to do so.

This particular day was a half-day so that part was a blessing. Sounds like he really didn't raise too many red flags either. But when it came back to hit me was later that day when I was organizing a kids' skit. It was practice time and he had not one stitch of calm in his body. There wasn't a moment in that 30-minute practice, that my son held still. He talked non-stop, while bouncing from one spot to the next the entire time! 

I've thought of taking a day off from meds before, but we're gonna wait until it's a day that we don't need to focus on ANYTHING!

Do your days sometimes (or often) run like this? You're not alone in the battle.  Scroll a few inches down the right side bar to "My Blog Titles."  Maybe something there will be familiar!!

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