Saturday, January 15, 2011

Simple Invitation/Heart-rending Reaction

It couldn't have happened at a better time. Bobby has regular ups and downs in this journey but as he approaches pre-adolescence, we're hearing more and more about how he wants to fit in with the other kids. Wants to be accepted. Craves positive attention. That's why he was so excited when one of the older kids invited him home for dinner after church. Aside from family & people we've asked to watch him here and there, Bobby hasn't been invited home after church to spend time in another home. I could tell he was surprised and hopeful that we'd say yes. Nice family. Good kids. A quiet meal & afternoon drive with our older son was in our very near future! OF COURSE we said yes! Bobby had to get some jeans & tennis shoes first, so we headed home for the quick change. His buddies would be stopping by shortly to pick him up. What followed was something that nearly brought tears to my eyes. After changing, Bobby grabbed the binoculars in the living room and sat down to see if he could spot the highway from our home. It was quite the sight-Bobby all ready to go with his jacket on, staring out the window toward the highway. (I don't think he could see the highway, but he was ready when they arrived in the driveway!)

Today made a difference in our son's life. He has many, many people who love him and go to bat for him but today, a special family took a step so many would find overwhelming. They opened their home and welcomed him in. He won't forget this soon! I never will. Thank you, friends.

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Crystal said...

This made me cry. :) Love my lil Bobby!