Sunday, December 22, 2013

Think First, Think First, Think First!

Oh my word this can make me crazy! I'm not going to edit this blog entry a bit. Shooting from the hip. This is what it's like to do something without thinking first! Right here. Sigh. I work every moment I'm with Bobby, to teach him how to think before doing things. Look at the angles. Weigh the consequences. Learning to do this would save us many "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" conversations.
Case in point...the bicycle. The very nice bike. The one he rode down the ditch bank last month. As the sun was setting his tire was getting lower and lower. His decision--just leave the bike there until morning. Run home. Forget to mention to Mom and Dad. After all, he would remember this the next day. Of course he would. I haven't a clue when Bobby remembered to go back and retrieve his bicycle. The details are still in question. But the fact remains, the bike is gone for good.
What sort of discipline for a 13 year old who leaves their bike out without a care in the world? Very easy at our house. If he wants another one, he'll work, save and buy the next one. Bobby has just begun riding in Duathlons. He'll be wanting a bike soon. In the meantime, I'll get back to drilling in the thoughts, "think first, think first, think first!" Some day he'll get it.

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Susan Hirst said...

My son has adhd and it is so hard to get him to remember to think first. He acts impulsively and then something or other gets wrecked. I'm hoping he gets it someday, too.

Susan Hirst |