Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Conversations About the Driver's License

Boys and cars. Roads carved from sand and dirt. Hot wheels tracks. Riding on Dad's lap to the mailbox. Steering. "Varoooom" and "beep-beep" through the house and out the back door. The quest for that paper license began at birth. But are our adhd kids ready for this great big responsibility at 15? Every parent surely asks this question.

I started the driving "lessons" with Bobby years ago. Little "teach-to" conversations while we rode together in the car. Talking about safety.  Staying focused and sharp. Pointing out stupid-driver actions that we see and what we could do under those circumstances.

We began telling Bobby maturity and control were needed before he would have even a permit. Maturity and control in other settings-school, town, home. He knows what needs to happen and when he makes good decisions and shows wisdom I do try to point that out to him.

Will these things help Bobby be a better driver? Can't hurt. Impulsive kids struggle so much in all areas of their lives. We parents are struggling to help them.  Bobby likely won't be ready for a permit at 15. I don't see a license right after his 16th birthday. For now we'll stick with the motorcycle in the pasture. He's got a couple more years...Wasn't it just yesterday I bought all those hot wheels?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte. My son was diagnosed with ADHD at 16 when he was in Year 12, the last year of our schooling in Australia. When it came to his license we tried the manual at first but he couldn't handle all that coordinating of gears, steering and pedals. So we went to the automatic. It took nearly 2 years of lessons to get him ready for the final test. He is now 23, 24 in June. I find it very hard to be in the car with him as he is so distractable and tends to speed. We have had many arguments :) I wish he had been diagnosed at a younger age,so that we could have started the process earlier like you have. Well done