Monday, June 10, 2013

Progress & Our Preteen

Bobby's doing well. He's still and will likely always be on the fast-train to everything but he is making steady growth in the thinking/processing consequences department. One year ago we were always in the same room as he was. We never left him alone and he was incapable of following thru on anything if we weren't watching. Fast forward to almost 13 years old (in 3 months, 11 days).

Here's an update:
1) Bobby has free reign of our home now and we don't follow him around!
2) Bobby has picked a recipe from a cookbook and made it for the family for dinner!
3) Bobby has climbed out on the roof and written on a 2nd story window!
4) Bobby has learned to tie flies for fly-fishing and has started a little, tiny side business!

Ok, so most everything is looking better. We're still challenged by some behaviors but he's without meds still and though well below grade level in Math and Spelling, everything else is looking good in school and at home! Yeah! Victory!

 That's all for today. Check back to see how this continues. Here's to finding good stuff in all our kids. Even our ADHD ones!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I came across your blog researching about adhd. I m not a native English speaker so I hope I don't make too many mistakes.
I have a son who is only 2, and although he is way too young to get diagnosed or labelled adhd, his dad and I feel there is something out of the ordinary going on with him. It's not just that he is super active and fast and into everything, it's the way he does it. He has all the symptoms of an adhd kid that i won t list here...

we are having such a tough time, it's so stressful and depressing... and lonely!
And at his age, there is nothing we can do, really, except giving him love and healthy food and all the things they advise you to do.
some days are better than others, but mostly it's hard.

I wanted to know how was your son when he was 2. could you describe his behaviour to me? my son doesn t sit still, ever, eveeer, but sometimes he will sit for long period of times when i read him books. That is when there are no distractions around.

anyaways, i just wanted to know about your experience in early adhd.
thank you!

Charlotte said...

Hi Anonymous, I hear your exhaustion and I recognize it well. Yes, he was a "goer" from about 18 months. I recall him disappearing and I found him on kitchen counter dropping food coloring out of bottles onto the floor, creating a picture.He ran every where and he knocked things over as he was moving. It was exhausting. We hadn't experienced anything like it. We figured at first it was because we were older when he arrived. Not young parents. But as time went on it increased. Hang in there! Embrace his energy IF you can. Get your sleep when he does. Healthy foods, avoid processed and preservatives, avoid sugar.Lots of veggies and fruits. This is for all of you! (grin) Take him outside for regular intense exercise and as soon as possible get him into a running sport like soccer. Limit tv. Sounds like you're off to a great start. My heart goes out to you! Charlotte

Terry Robins said...

Thanks for sharing this post. I am happy to hear about kids with this condition that are doing well because of the help that comes from their loved ones...I read of one article that says doing physical activities outdoors also mean a lot to their wellness...Keep it up, Charlotte!