Sunday, March 17, 2013

Duathlon-Bobby's First One!

Two weeks ago Bobby decided to register for a local duathlon his dad was already signed-up for. The race was in one week. He is active but he had virtually no training for this event. He was also the only kid involved, competing against all adults. 2 1/2 mile run/15 mile mountain bike ride, then the second 2 1/2 mile run. It was a grueling event for our boy, with all but 3 ladies finishing ahead of him. But the president of the bike club, sponsors and his adoring family was all there to cheer the smiling boy across the finish line. He was tired but he was proud!
ADHD kids desperately need to be involved in things they excel in. So much of school life is difficult for many of them and the daily "beating down" of rigid academics makes student life hard to endure. Most parents of ADHD kids will admit this. So it is our duty as parents to aggressively seek out things our kids can do well in. This means trial and error. Just because Soccer isn't the "golden sport" for your child, does not mean there isn't one out there. Keep looking. Don't give up. If sports aren't it....hobbies, bikes, get the idea. A bored and discouraged ADHD child is not a good idea. Period.
CONGRATULATIONS Bobby, on your first Duathlon. Dad and I are excited to see how the next one goes...and how the Olympic Triathlon goes in June! You're the best!

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Karen Fisher-Alaniz said...

I so agree. My son does best (and hence, so do I!) when he's active in something. Sports have been his thing. The interesting thing is that he does better during the sports season, even when he's not practicing that day. Just being able to focus on one thing he's pretty good at makes all the difference! ~Karen