Friday, November 25, 2011

Where's Your Bed? (Cleaning His Room)

When all the slats are cut apart and the mattress sags, and when there are so many cardboard forts in Bobby's room that we can no longer walk through it, it's finally time for Mom to show up on the scene. (Don't get me wrong...Bobby needs to clean his room and "clean" it he does-weekly!) Most of the time his door is my solution to his "organization," but every couple of months I simply must go in and take over. This isn't done with his permission and generally not even his knowledge because 3/4 of the contents are removed. Interestingly, Bobby never seems to miss anything. It's really almost like he needs someone to save him from the impulsivity that caused everything to enter and scatter!

Last evening was my chance. Thanksgiving dinner was behind us & Bobby was busy with the family. I just needed 30 minutes to scoop the contents out of the room without him knowing. Piece after piece of torn cardboard, plastic wrappers, dirty clothes and shoes were mixed together with an assortment of pens, paper, toy cars and his complete library of history books & all things Calvin & Hobbes. Tied to one end of his sturdy bunk bed was a large mesh bag filled to the top-a result of his last "room-cleaning!" As a bonus I sorted that too.

25 toy cars are lined up near the stereo. Books are back on the shelf. Everything looks great & here comes Bobby with a hammock his sister has handed down. Thanks, dear daughter! Glad he's collecting again so quickly! I'll be back after Christmas. Until then, the door can be shut if needed.

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