Monday, January 9, 2012

Bees-Bobby's New Hobby

It comes as no surprise to us that Bobby can turn his attention 100% toward ANYTHING that interests him. He may be a highly-impulsive, overly wild & crazy 11 year old who can't keep his eyes on schoolwork long enough to complete a subject in one sitting, but focusing on his chosen hobbies is no chore to him!

This bee thing all started last summer with an idea gone bad (getting into the neighbors' bee box) but developed after that, through months of discussion and research with his father.  Now they are the proud owners of several boxes, bee suits and several books on bees. Oh yeah, they also have a dilapidated honey extractor that's used for spinning the honey out of the wax stuff. (I really know nothing about this new hobby of theirs.)

Bobby has spent countless hours sifting through the two bee books we got for him & has decided he wants only bee supplies for his next birthday. He doesn't even want the air-soft guns any more! Progress~

Our bee boy has been stung several times so that's not likely going to end his enthusiasm & he LOVES honey so it looks pretty certain that if things go well in the set-up and future operation, our little firecracker just might be on a positive path to his future. We sure hope so. We've had more challenging & painful experiences than we care to look back on so if we're turning a corner now - BRING IT ON!

Bobby, I hope your new venture with Dad is nothing but successful & that we have plenty of honey to eat and share. Who knows, maybe you'll get your wish and sell some! Sure love you, my little beekeeper!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I have a son and hubby who are ADHD and son is also Bipolar, daughter has learning disability....never a dull moment. I recently started blogging and am now looking for mom blogs with similar issues! I am now following you....please come on over and check me out
Thank you!

Charlotte said...

Jo, I'm glad you stopped by. I'm sure writing will be a form of therapy that will help you as it has/does me. This road isn't easy but I do love our youngest son as I know you do your 3. For us it has gotten easier. Keep looking for those golden moments & write about them!! Good luck!