Sunday, November 6, 2011

Love My ADHD Boy!

Nope, this isn't easy. In fact, it's quite overwhelming much of the time. But when I look at this precious child, I can't help but realize my love goes deep. He can't help many of the things he does. It seems like he SHOULD be able to but he really has neurological problems that have scrambled his judgement & impulses. I'm thankful we have people & books to look to for guidance. And, I'm thankful for the breaks we get now and then, to recharge our engines. I'm glad he is maturing in many areas & learning some social & behavior skills.  Bobby is a child who needs love no matter how naughty he is & no matter how unloveable he can be, I'm very glad he's our boy. I hope that when he's an adult we will look back and have few regrets because we gave this our very best! I know we will love him as just as much as we love our "easy-to-raise" kids now that they are adults!!  Bobby, we love you to the moon and back and our love for you likely will take us to the moon and back. Hugs & kisses, kiddo!


santa barbara chiropractor - dr.zemella said...

There are many parents these days that take their children for chiropractic treatment and care. It has been observed that children can take advantage of this treatment method starting from birth till throughout the childhood. Handling a child with ADHD in your house can be a problematic work but it has been observed that chiropractic treatment can help a lot with the symptoms of ADHD.

Children suffering from the problem of ADHD or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder can act out in various ways. They may control themselves, not obey commands and bully other children. These children might get violent and may have rough behavior like throwing things around.

According to a survey by American Chiropractic Association in 1991, the number of chiropractic patients of sixteen years of age and younger has increased to 8.5%. Chiropractic services is the most common alternative method of treatment performed on children and it is completely safe.

A study conducted in 1975 compared the effect of chiropractic treatment and drugs in children suffering from ADHD. The study showed that chiropractic services was twenty four percent more effective than normal drug prescription. It worked over the wide range of symptoms which are common in neurological dysfunction syndrome. So, chiropractic treatment works good with children having ADHD.

It has been observed that children who suffer from the problem of ADHD have successful results with chiropractic treatment. It has also been noticed that children who have vertebral subluxation and do not show any symptoms of ADHD should still have chiropractic services. The best method of treatment in case of ADHD is chiropractic services. It is completely natural and so it does not have any side effects. This makes it very safe for your child. With proper treatment and care, the symptoms of this condition can be helped to a great degree.

Cherishing his childhood.....though wild & crazy! said...

I appreciate you stopping by my blog, Doctor. Also enjoyed reading various studies and perspectives on this topic. I wholeheartedly support the treatment of chiropractic medicine for ADHD, based on my research. I will state though, I do not agree that "the best method of treatment in (the) case of ADHD is chiropractic treatment." While I am convinced it is one very helpful tool, I know that children with ADHD respond well to a variety of treatment and I personally would not tell a parent it is "the best." But, that is my opinion. Thank you for sharing this helpful information. I know it will help many!