Sunday, March 6, 2011

HiDe ThE kNiVeS?

Are we still talking about ADHD? Still? Curiosity, impulsitivity & lack of reasonable control are the bywords of my daily life and yet there are days I really believe we've taken a step forward into maturity. Then we plunge 3 steps back.

If I didn't need my kitchen knives for chopping and slicing, I'd just get rid of them. I want to lock them up but how helpful is that in teaching my son self- control (as well as very inconvenient for me!)

Boys love knives. I'll never get it but it's a fact. That's why I gave my son pocket knives. Just so he could cut sticks and stuff outside. Not my living room furniture. Not the dining room stool. And not with my knives!

There have to be consequences. Lose the pocket knives for a while. And...he should spend the day outside. Kids that destroy furniture probably shouldn't sit on the furniture and watch movies or play the wii. No indoor playtime during daylight hours for a week. Plus, he's going to work off some $$ for the damages.

Bobby's the caboose in our family but if he thinks for a minute I'm out of ideas or energy...he better think again!!! He has met his match! (Matches - another topic!)

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