Saturday, February 26, 2011

Road Trip Wild Guy!

Weekends can be a recipe for disaster at our house so as often as possible, we're filling them with action & fun! I'd really like a long boring day, listening to music and baking cookies, but that's a rare experience in my home.  Bobby had been doing relatively well in school for the past few weeks (just a 7 on the richter scale instead of 10) but life happens and this week has been rougher at home and school. So......pack the overnight bags and off we go! I'm soloing this one which I've done many times so there's really no "down time" for me this weekend.

Something about the rapidly changing scene out the windows and the mystery of where we'll end up and what we'll do, seems to calm this kid tremendously. He loves museums and historical spots (which his older siblings never did - amazingly) so we can actually educate him while taming his ceaseless energy.

Bobby says I'm taking him to Cabela's while we're here. I'd be almost as excited to get a tooth pulled but this is what HE enjoys and when you've got a busy boy.....ya gotta do what he wants to do as well! (Maybe we'll swap for a fast run through the mall when we're done looking at guy stuff!)

For me, this journey is about understanding, learning & being truly happy. I'm learning, seeking to understand and believe I am truly happy (most of the time!)

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