Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Step Aside "Reality" TV!

Seriously, what would any of the current "Reality" TV shows have on MY reality? No, I wouldn't want cameras in every room of my home, nor would I want my son to think for a second that his behavior was worthy of entertainment, but for a few minutes today my girlfriend's idea was novel. One of my closest friends in middle school and I reconnected today. We talked like we hadn't missed a year and it had been 30 years!We talked about her 3 kids and my four. Each one with their special qualities. We discussed husbands, jobs & life in general....which led to a deeper discussion. She asked about my youngest child. Everything in the conversation became heavier and she accurately sensed the overwhelming feelings I have raising this child. Her support was so sweet but it was her last suggestion that still has me smiling. "You guys really need to turn this into a reality tv show!" I gasped and then laughed out loud. Amazing thoughts people have when they are looking in at us! Her thoughts were genuine I could tell and I felt validated to hear her say, "You two are experienced parents who work incredibly hard to guide this child and he is trying to stump you at every turn! A show would be every bit as entertaining as the other Reality shows out there today."  Hmmm, the only time I've thought of cameras in this house was for tracking Bobby, so this was intriguing, but for now we'll just pretend we're celebrities and continue entertaining our "live" audiences at school & in the community! (We could change our minds in the future though, Lisa - thanks for the fun suggestion!!)


Wayne Kalyn said...

Would like to reprint one of your blogs in ADDitude Magazine. Please email me when you receive this.

Wayne Kalyn

Charlotte said...

Absolutely honored, Mr. Kalyn. I'll send you email separately. ~Charlotte